With the advent of mounting my iPhone on my bicycle handlebars, I quickly wanted more audio integration – especially knowing that it was only a matter of time before a pothole sent my handlebars into my teeth as I leaned in to command Siri.

I’ve had a mixed history with wireless headsets and cycling – haven’t yet found an ear-mounted bluetooth that had enough volume to overcome wind, not get knocked out by helmet straps, or had good enough noise canceling on the mic to talk while moving.

While there seem to be some decent application-specific offerings for motorcycle and snowboard helmets, options for cyclists continue to lag. Over the years, there have been a few attempts, but noting super credible.

Blog_LGEnter LG with the Tone+ HBS-730. Here’s a company that says, “Hey, know what? Bluetooth headsets are dorky. Yup, all of them,” and with that admission they decide to own it, and are free of all the technical constraints with making a device the size of a jellybean. Now they are able to give the product good quality transducers, a decent size battery, volume and play controls, and enough processing power to speak status alerts to you and have decent noise-cancelling.

But it’s the “yup, that’s right, I’m wearing a bluetooth the size of a pickle” form-factor that actually makes it great for bike helmet integration. Because it has two rigid bodies connected by a semi-rigid plastic/rubber tube, it’s actually Blog_LGreally simple to mount on a bike helmet. I just used 4 velcro strips (btw, these would be one of my island-survival items) – two on the occipital strap, and one on each side-rear helmet straps.

The thing that makes this setup work great is that the ear piece is actually a normal wired ear-bud on a short wire coming out of each rigid section of the headset. Comfortable, and great audio.

Safety note: When cycling, I feel quite safe/alert with one earbud in, but I never ride with both ears in.

Here’s a few more detail images if you decide to update your own helmet:

Blog_092714_5 Blog_092714_4


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