Seamless usually has one or two internal development projects going at any given time. We do these learn about new areas of tech, to build our community of collaborators and to refine our processes. Occasionally, as was the case with ATOMS, we will even spin a project off as a separate company for commercialization.

Last month we started in on a project that had been on the planning books for a few years – converting SPD’s 1973 Land Rover into a hybrid electric vehicle. Because part of the plan entails replacing the frame/suspension/axles with modernized equipment, the first phase is to remove the body (which will be painted in pieces).

Lead technician on the project, Gene Kath, had these notes after the first week:

This week we started tearing down the Rover.  We started by removing and marking the wiring system in preparation to remove the body panels.  Took old headlights out along with right side marker lights, front grill, hood, parking lights and turn signals.  Removed right side fender and got ready to disassemble left side electrical components and fender.  It’s amazing how the vehicle is in very nice shape but the bolts are still corroded and breaking.





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