This was super cool to see – makers from the R2-D2 fan club got jobs working on EP VII. I’ve met some of these guys at Maker Faires, and their work is top notch. They are CNC-ing parts, writing their own software, etc.

I’ve spent some time thinking about the real-world viability and utility of having an astromech droid, and extracting from Star Wars movies and TV Series, I’ve seen a number of R2-use cases that could make sense on earth also:

  • Connecting into machines and uploading and downloading data on command (like a great big voice-activated USB drive)
  • A toolbox that follows you as you are working.
  • Mobile alarm clock and intruder alarm / guard dog. (These guys are building that R2 already.)
  • Rolling safe deposit box.
  • Portable projector.
  • Dog-like friend who doesn’t poop.
  • Autopilot and avionics that can be migrated easily from one craft to another.
  • Weapon concealer.
  • Flashlight you don’t have to hold.
  • Portable mini-towing winch.

So maybe there’s no killer app, but individually, there are a bunch of helpful applications that maybe add up to a real product. Maybe somebody should make a commercially available astromech!


R2-D2 Is in Star Wars: Episode VII, and He’s Fan-Made | Star Wars Blog.

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