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Become an SPD Qualified Subcontractor

Seamless Product Development is always looking for super-smart, hard-working, fun-minded individuals to join our community of qualified subcontractors.

How SPD works: SPD directors and advisors are frequently traveling the continent and globe, finding important technical problems to work on, meeting with the stakeholders, and bringing neat projects back to Boulder for us to solve.

SPD’s Engineering Program Managers pick their teams for each project from our community of qualified subcontractors, and then we get to work.

If you are an independent engineer, scientist, software developer, or designer, we’d love to hear from you!

Joining our team of qualified subcontractors is simple:


If you are a service firm, and interested in collaborating on projects, please contact us.

Working at SPD is:

  • Working on really cool stuff. 92%

  • Solving important problems. 85%

  • Boulderiffic proximity to mountains and nature! 72%

  • Developing creative and elegant solutions. 72%

  • Competitive compensation and rewards. 89%

  • Working with great people. 60%

  • Free ice cream. 22%

  • A front for building moon robots. 9%

Current Job Openings:

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